Tree swings, whether they are a professionally installed swing set, a tire swing, or a set of planks and rope, can provide hours of fun for kids and adults. However, the swing needs to be installed on a sturdy branch that can support everyone’s weight, otherwise, accidents can and will happen. Stronger trees with larger branches are the best type of swinging candidates.

Look for trees like oak and sycamore, but also make sure that you inspect the tree itself. Even the strongest trees can succumb to parasites, rot, weak roots, and other problems. Only the strongest and healthiest trees should be used for the tree swings. Once you’ve discovered a candidate, then you need to pick a branch.

The branch should be a high one because no one wants to have how high they can go limited by another branch, but also should be the sturdiest. It might be easiest to pick a straight and level branch, but if you can find a sturdier one, then go for it every time.

Ideally, the branch should be far away from your home or other obstacles, especially if you are going to do some major swinging with it. Make sure that the ground is clear and there isn’t a risk of tripping or falling for whoever is pushing the swing. The ground should be nice and soft and allow for soft risk-free landing if anyone ends up falling off the swing.

If the tree is on a hill or slope, then it probably isn’t the right place to build a swing, because if someone falls then they’ll be headed for a pretty rough tumble! No matter what, being comfortable with the swing is going to take some trial and error, but it will be worth it in the end.

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